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SyteLine Users - Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The SyteLine User Group organise SIGs for members who share a common interest and who will benefit from sharing problems, experiences and solutions.

The aim of SIGs:

  1. To provide a focus for people with a common interest in a subject.
  2. To provide and encourage networking for members.
  3. To provide a post meeting communication network to share thoughts, problems and discoveries.
  4. To provide value in the collaboration and not just be a talking shop.

The venues for SIGs meetings may be varied depending on the subject matter to be discussed.

Venues may include Infor's own premises or locations volunteered by participating members. Phone conferences will be used if appropriate.

We have run SIGs for Manufacturing, Finance, Personalisation and Migrating to later versions of the SyteLine software. They are already working and report their activities in the half-yearly user group conferences.

The organisers are always open to consider subjects that members may wish to explore with others.

If you have any ideas for content for existing Special Interest Groups or ideas for new SIGs, please contact

Structured Networking User Groups (SNUGs)

Where there is interest in more niche areas of Syteline we can organise subject matter experts and facilities to host meetings for smaller groups of User Group Members to actively participate and question peers and Infor on these matters. We successfully trialled this late in 2015 for a smaller group of a few businesses and from feedback have added this as a new event type and look forward to organising these in the future.


We completely understand that there is not always the availability of time to attend conferences / SIGs or the like, so we have recently set up the availability of webexes where we can host a webex on SyteLine topics of interest to members to replay at a time that suits you and in addition will be able to capture these and add to our library we are building. We are aiming to provide shorter sessions of an hour maximum on topics during 2016 and will keep you informed of progress on this. Once again if there is something that you express a key interest in please contact us and we can arrange this type of communication.

In addition to the User Group organising webexes with specific topic areas, Infor also have a range of information available as added value for you. Please click below:
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