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SyteLine Enhancement Process

A major benefit of being a user group member is the ability to influence enhancements to the SyteLine product.

All members are entitled to submit enhancement requests, for example, improvements that they would like to see be made to SyteLine. These are then voted upon by the membership and the results passed to Infor for their consideration when deciding what goes into future releases of the product. This does not replace your ability to submit enhancement requests directly to Infor, and we would actively encourage you to do so. The more directions that Infor hear a particular request from, the more demand they will perceive. However, Infor have agreed that requests submitted via the User Group, which have come out at the top of our voting, will be given a higher priority.

We do not currently have an active voting programme. It is hoped another will take place in 2015. Watch this space.

Other ways the User Group can help

Through meeting with and talking to other members, you might find people with similar interests and/or similar requirements. This may mean that you can team together and share the development costs of a particular change. It is known of at least a couple of instances where 2 (or more) companies have independently approached Infor for the same change, and both paid for the same change. I am not saying Infor charged both companies full price for this, the second change if sufficiently similar, should have benefited from the work done from the first, but the benefits to all parties of combining the 2 requests up front should be obvious.

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